Elite Pocket Mattress


What makes the Elite Pocket mattress so special and popular is that is reacts to your body's temperature and physical charcteristics.

The Visco-Pro memory foam cushioning in the Elite Pocket Mattress reacts to your body. The cushioning on top of the foam is hypo-allergenic and bends and moulds itself to the perfect shape of our bodys sleeping desire.

The Elite Pocket Mattress has balanced support, given by the pocket spring and edge guard system. This means that the sleeping space on the mattress is also increased as its supported right to the edge.

The Elite Pocket mattress creates you to have a perfect nights sleep in luxurious quality. The Elite Pocket Mattress memory foam is comfortable and durable.

Elite Pocket Mattress Specifications:

Height: 25cm or 10"

Quilted tufted cover

60mm Viscro-pro memory foam, temperature senstive material. Density 65kg

720* Pocket Springs 14cm high, adjusting individually to provide perfectly balanced support (*5' mattress)

Edge guards around springs giving total support right up to the edge of the mattress

40mm High Density support foam providing a string base

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